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Legazpi’s City of “FUN and ADVENTURE” a Get way to Different Tourist Spot’s and Tourist Attraction here in Bicol which has been well known to its iconic Volcano which is Mayon “The World’s Most Perfect Cone Shape Volcano” and the Most Active here in the Philippines which has captivated Visitors both Local and International and has been gaining Fame because of its Natural Beauty and a perfect playground for Adventure Seekers.


Mayon ATV Tour which has been Established and Created last 2007 in Legazpi City, is a well known and recommended activity for tourist and visitor’s who wants to enjoy the Beauty and Natural Surroundings of Mayon Volcano, An Activity which Promotes the Local Community and Shows Local Livelihood and Culture around the foot of Mayon which is part of the tour, The Destination of the ATV tour has different areas the most famous Tourist Destination is the Basecamp which tourist can hike and walk up a Wall which has been spewed and flowed by Mayon by the last 2006 Eruption and Created a Lava Wall, A 6 kilometer stretch of Lava Debris which Tourist and Visitors  can see and has a 360 view of Mayon and an overlooking of Legazpi City. A Zipline is Connected at the End of the Lava Wall which offers a Fast and Thrilling ride going down the Wall all the way to the Parking area of the ATV. A ride along the Gullies of the Volcano which has Small Streams and passes along Farm’s and Small Community which Shows the local livelihood like Farming and Quarrying of Rocks and Sands which has been the main source of living in the area. An Adventure that you must not missed once you Visit the Province and Stayed in Legazpi City.

For Details and Reservation for this one of a kind Adventure you may Contact us on this numbers +639054557594/+639175958859 or landline number (052) 7429871 or email us at yourbrothertravelandtours@yahoo.com or cyrelfrancis.chan@gmail.com or cyrelfrancis.chan@ymail.com




50 units – 150cc Single Seater ATV

35 units – 250cc/350cc Single Seater ATV

26 units – 350cc Double Seater ATV

4 units – Canadian American 650/800cc/1000cc ATV

10 units – Can-AM 400cc/TGB 400cc Double Seater ATV

2 units – Dune Buggy Side by Side ATV 2 Seater/ 5 seater

3 units – 4 x 4 pick up (toyota hi-lux and Ford Ranger)

1 unit – Susuki 4 x 4 Jimny


150cc Single Seater ATV – A unit which can be Driven by 1 person only this unit is Fully Automatic and can be driven easily by anyone this ATV is recommended for Mayon ATV challenge and can also be used going to the Basecamp which is a more longer route.

150cc Single Seater ATV unit
150cc Single Seater ATV unit

350cc Single Seater ATV – A unit which can be Driven by 1 person only this unit is Fully automatic and can be driven easily by anyone the unit is more Bigger and Comfortable because of its better suspension and built.  A well recommended ATV unit that can be used going to the basecamp and Advance Trail.

350cc single seater ATV
350cc single seater ATV

350cc Double Seater ATV – A unit that can be Driven by 1 person and can Backride 1 person at the back. this can be used by 2 changing drivers and is fully automatic and has a Big Comfortable Seats for two people and has a wide compartment, this can be used in any trail and can go longest trail which s the 4 hour Mayon ATV summit.

350cc double seater ATV
350cc double seater ATV

650/800cc Can Am ATV – This is our top of the Line ATV which offers a Perfect Offroad Adventure in Mayon, With its Superb Handling and Suspension this ATV units are all power Steering and has V-twin Engine’s and 4 x 4 on command gears. this can be rented per/ hour and can go through different trails. Units can be Riden by two people only.

After Choosing your Trail and Destination and The ATV units that you will be using, All Participants for the Tour will Have a Short Briefing for the Rules and Guidelines for the tour and Registration everyone will be asked to wear safety Helmets and will be given Gloves and Facial Mask for safety in preparation for the Actual Tour. Payments will be settled before the tour and we only accept cash payment only. Clients can also be assisted on the nearest Bank or ATM machine in case of insufficient funds after the Tour.

650cc can Am ATV unit
650cc can Am ATV unit

This Activity is a Rain or Shine Activity that you can do All Year Round whether its Sunny or Rainy, The Trail of the ATV offer’s an Adrenaline and Exciting Experience for everyone that they will enjoy once they have tried. On a Sunny Day you may wear light Clothes and put on some sunscreen for sunburn protection, for footwear you may wear a Rubber Shoes or Sandals or any outdoor footwear if you will be doing the Mayon to Lavafront which requires them to go and walk up into the Lava which was spewed down by the volcano last 2006. for a short trail you may wear a slippers because there is no required walking to do just ATV driving. and on a Rainy Season Expect to be wet and secure your non-water proof gadgets so it will not be damaged. The Rainy season’s offers a different thrill with more natural springs to crossed with an ATV but still safe. Our Site Opens at 6 in the morning and the last trip for the Mayon to Lavafront is before 5 in the afternoon Daily. The Best time to do the Tour is Early in the Morning at around 6 to 9 am and at the afternoon at around 2 to 5pm. Expect a one of a kind experience towards Mayon and Enjoy’s the Beauty and its warm culture here in Albay Philippines.

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